Better, Faster, Easier.

Bazzaz is the smartest performance tuning technology.
They say a good tuner is only as good as his tools. And we create powerful tools.
In doing so, we enhance the experience and interaction with your machine to create a more enjoyable tuning and riding experience.

  • • Inventor of self-mapping module; Z-AFM™ collects data while riding to build race-level fuel maps
    • Faster data processing; Z-AFM™ can map in just 20 minutes on a dyno
    • Z-AFM tunes all throttle positions and RPM 3,000 and above
    • Better algorithms from years of top-level racing
    • Z-AFM is open loop for quick response, trouble shooting, and to protect the bike in event of an sensor error
    • Allows for multiple maps to be created for changing conditions or preferences in fuel economy / AFR
    • Can also be used to greatly reduce dyno tuning time, this is better for your engine
    • Universal; can be used to map any bike with a Bazzaz fuel controller

  • Superior Quality Build
    Far superior to anything available in the US
    Virtually a maintenance free dynamometer
    Physical calibration of all drivetrain components

    Chrome On Glass Encoder
    Allows static testing at lower engine RPM
    Most accurate and reliable method available

    Overrated bearings
    SFK bearings are 3-4X overrated for dynamometer application
    Expected to last the lifetime of the dyno
    No constant greasing required (only once in 5 years)

    Options available
    Many upgradable options available including 170mph automatic Ram Air Simulation
    Freedom to purchase upgrades, including eddy brake, whenever desired

  • • Always uses all available injectors, not just lower
    • Always comes with an Enhanced Fuel Map for plug & play experience
    • Software is easy to use and highly tunable by RPM, throttle position, gear, or cylinder (when applicable)

  • Intelligent Ignition Pick Up System
    One clip connection
    Critical for proper HP readings
    Far more consistent
    Allows quick power runs from rear wheel, if desired

    All data is physically measured, not interpolated
    Critically important for proper tuning
    True engine rpm data allows for consistent results

    Chrome On Glass Encoder
    Allows static testing at lower engine RPM
    Most accurate and reliable method available
    Dynamic PID data
    Learns from the first hold point

    Capable of multiple testing methods
    Linear, Step, or Speed Squared (for wind drag simulation)
    User-defined step testing with no 'hunting' for signal
    Compare 3 charts at once incorporating numerous properties

    Quickest data
    Far quicker data than any other dynamometer on the market
    Logs every 10 ms, monitoring forty different channels

  • • Developed and proven at the top levels of professional racing.
    • Constantly tested and improved by AMA pro riders
    • Renowned tech support and free live webinars by professional race tuners
    • One year replacement warranty on all products*
    • Free lifetime product support and testing with replacement parts available for purchase
    • Components often integratable with other-brand systems
    • Units install easily with cleaner wiring, using OEM connectors whenever possible
    • Switches offer on-the-fly adjustment (sold separately)
    • A dedicated, honest approach to making better, easier, and fun technology available to all

  • • Heat, vibration, and weather proof potting material used to protect the electronic control unit
    • OEM connections wherever possible as opposed to cheap and unreliable T-Taps used by many others
    • Rugged, locking main connector; no stripping or splicing wires
    • Sturdy and precise shift sensor
    100% Quality Inspections, unlike most manufacturers, at Bazzaz we test every single component of the systems we build for you. We test every harness, every control unit, every switch...It is a lot of extra work but we know you expect nothing but the ultimate in quality. In the highest levels of racing, failures in parts are not acceptable. We back this up with a one year warranty.

  • • Fuel Control, Full Power Quick Shift, & Tunable Traction Control - All in One!
    • Only TC system of its kind available
    • Uses RPM spike data to determine wheel spin; no wheel speed sensors necessary
    • Fully tunable by throttle position, RPM, or gear
    • Simple to adjust
    • The Z-Fi TC is the all in one electronic package used by racers to win championships around the world!

  • Intuitive software with on-screen guide
    Easy for novice operators to get optimal results; reduces training time
    No more hunting through difficult instruction manuals
    Selecting files is easy with property previews
    Increase rate of return by tuning in a fraction of the time
    Incorporate with Z-AFM air / fuel mapper for quick, easy, and precise tuning

    Frequent updates and releases
    Reliable software - no frequent crashing
    Always improving, always free
  • • Software interface is easy to grasp on the first use
    • Offers countless advanced controls
    • One interface for all available functions
    • Diagnostic feature can relearn internal gear position and throttle position after modifications

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  • Fiber Optic USB
    10X more data in a cleaner, modern connection (compared to serial port)
    Connections up to 65ft; far longer than serial

    Isolated Electronics
    Computer and dyno are optically isolated
    Electronics rarely malfunction but are easily-removable and modular if necessary
    All info is calculated at the computer, not on the dyno, for more frequent updates and improvements

  • • Fuel Control, Full Power Quick Shift - All in One!
    • Cuts ignition coils, not fuel, milliseconds to allow shift
    • Cut times are independent by gear for seamless transitioning (longer times for shorter gears)
    • Shift sensor made with a heavy duty internal tension spring for improved tolerance and reliability
    Z-Fi TC is Quick Shift integrated with fuel control + traction control for easy installation and use